Review: The YETI Loadout® GoBox 15 Gear Case

How far YETI has come from making coolers and drinkware. Don’t get us wrong. For many, YETI is the standard for excellence when it comes to these products. But who would’ve ever thought 10 years ago that YETI would ultimately make some of the best luggage and cargo gear ever made. Following their tough line of Panga and Crossroads packs and duffels, YETI has also announced an impressive lineup of Loadout GoBoxes. We’ve been pleased with the original Loadout GoBox for some time, and after using the YETI Loadout GoBox 15 for the last few months, we couldn’t be more pleased with this tough, well-built, and extremely useful cargo box from YETI.

The Loadout GoBox 15 is the smallest cargo box in this lineup, and it’s perfect for a variety of uses. As for the size, its external dimensions are 10.2″W x 14.7″D x 11.3″H. Imagine a very large lunchbox or a small toolbox. At this size, it is ideal for a variety of uses, from carrying and securing electronics that can’t get wet to organizing first aid materials to working as an archery accessory or ammo box to organizing and carrying Spey reels, spools, lines, and heads. Really, this is an outstanding, extremely tough, dustproof, and waterproof gear case.

Among the other features that stand out on the YETI Loadout GoBox 15, the handle makes it easy to carry heavier loads (note: the box alone is about 7.5 with accessories inside), and YETI offers storage accessories for even better internal organization. You can also get bear proof locks to secure what’s inside, and the boxes are also stackable, which can be handy in the garage, on boats, or when traveling by vehicle.

The fact that this box is waterproof and dustproof makes it a go-to for a variety of gear needs. What’s also important is how tough this box is. We’re not ready to throw it off a cliff and find out what happens, but we wouldn’t surprised if it could withstand some pretty outrageous attempts at seeing just how tough it is.

The GoBox 15 currently comes in King Crab Orange, Charcoal, White, and Tan. If you need a small gear box for a variety of needs, we highly recommend the YETI Loadout GoBox 15.

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