Film: Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass in Eastern Oregon

Anglers head to the high desert of Eastern Oregon to take on smallmouth bass in a video from Catch Magazine.

From Catch Magazine:

“Out West is a fly fishing journey for smallmouth bass into Eastern Oregon’s high desert streams. Brian O’Keefe returns on camera here, nearly 15 years after Todd’s original ‘Alpine Bass’ made its debut on Catch Magazine. This time, with drought affecting much of the northwestern landscape and in an effort to give trout a break during the dry season, Todd & Brian decided to aim for smallmouth bass – the warm water game fish. With aerials and subsurface shots, this film captures a rustic adventure only an angler like O’Keefe can pull off.

The entire scenario in ‘Out West’ represents an angler’s classic determination to find fish no matter what it takes. O’Keefe searches the recycled auto shop/ scrap junkyard to find the perfect mode of transportation for his adventure. Together, we’ve created dozens of films over the years, and it’s like magic when we combine our skills. Like ‘Alpine Bass’ before it, the film was a hit from start to finish.

A big thanks to Steven Sparks and his crew at Nyssa Tractor and Implement for showing us around the yard of a million tractor parts. And without the support from Bauer Fly Reels, Outcast Sporting Gear and Orvis Fly Fishing these videos would not be possible. Finally, I’d like to thank Brian O’Keefe for his awesome creativity and opportunism – we’re a good team and in this era, that’s something to really value and be thankful for.”

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