Fly Fishing Gear Review: The Korkers River Ops BOA Wading Boots

Earlier this year, Korkers released their new River Ops BOA wading boots. Already impressed with their River Ops boots (review here), we were eager to test out their BOA system on these boots.

We were able to test the Korkers River Ops BOA Wading Boots at both the best and the worst time possible — in mid-winter in Montana. Winter in Montana presents some of the toughest conditions possible for testing and reviewing gear, and as it turns out, this was the perfect time of year to really see the full benefit of these boots.

The Korkers River Ops BOA Wading Boots are as well-built as it gets. In some ways feeling like a snowboard boot in hand, these over-designed boots feel great when hiking and on the water. Admittedly, it took a little time to get used to the feel of the boots. But after a couple of hours, the stability, comfort, and lightweight and athletic feel were truly noticeable and made a difference for how I felt fishing.

I first fished these boots in a very rocky area of a canyon river that demanded a bit of maneuvering around rocks and boulders and some tough wading. In such conditions when you can’t afford to have your boots restrict your performance, these boots actually aided performance while demonstrating just how durable they can be. And in frigid conditions, both in this river and then the Yellowstone later, these boots held a snug, comfortable fit that helped with warmth and comfort. This is largely due to Korker’s comfortable mid-sole and the BOA technology. And while all-day comfort beats all other aspects of the boots, perhaps the highlight was the ease with which these boots can be put on and taken off — especially when it’s sub-zero temps outside and they are wet.

There are many exciting features when it comes to the Korkers River Ops BOA Wading Boots, but in addition to comfort and durability (especially in the toe), is the quick-drying design. These boots drain water while in use, and the materials and design also aid with fast drying after use. This is big for those who travel or fish day after day (especially when it is freezing out).

The Korkers River Ops Wading Boots come in sizes 8 through 15 with a cost starting at $299.99. These boots are also backed by Korkers’ Rock Solid Guarantee.

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