Fly Fishing Gear Review: The Korkers River Ops Wading Boots

“Where to even start?!” This was the first thought that came to mind when sitting down to review the new River Ops Wading Boots from Korkers. There is so much to these boots, it’s hard to find a starting point to break them down. And with that, it might be best to first recall first impressions. When opening the Korkers River Ops Wading Boots, it was immediately apparent that these boots are simply different and certainly special. Out of the box, there was no question right away that these aren’t your ordinary boots.

First impressions included that the boots in many way resembled a snowboarding boot, featuring contours and a design that looked rugged, tough, and exceptionally well-built. But unlike a snowboarding boot, it was immediately surprising how light these boots felt. And in fact, these boots are truly built to endure and also to perform. Lightweight and designed for the elements, the Korkers River Ops Wading Boots are intelligently designed to handle the wide range of different conditions that can break down a boot or wear out an angler if their boots lack comfort.

The River Ops boots are designed with a molded exoskeleton that Korkers calls Exo-Tec™ technology. This feature removes stitching and is also abrasion-resistant. This design is lightweight and also moves well with a moving foot and ankle, thereby aiding range of motion and making it easier to flex the boot forward or back while not losing important structural support. And in fact, these boots do not have any exposed stitching — a vulnerable part of wading boots — thereby likely adding to the lifespan of your boots.

What’s also appealing about these boots is the draining system. These boots are designed to purge water, and this is vital for anglers. When good lightweight boots hold on to too much water, they get weighed down and lose many of the originally compelling features. When boots hold water, they are more prone to premature wear and also take longer to dry — which creates additional problems. As you can see in the video below, Korkers’ internal drainage system is dialed.

The Korkers River Ops Wading Boots come in sizes 8 through 15 and cost $259.99 for the Vibram and Felt soles) and $289.99 for the Vibram & Studded Vibram soles. These boots are also backed by Korkers’ Rock Solid Guarantee.

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