Gear Review: The Grundéns 30 Liter Rumrunner Backpack

For many years, we have made an effort to track down the best waterproof bags out there. Over the years we’ve seen bags come and go, and we’ve even been surprised to see some fail. This year we’ve had the opportunity to dive in to what Grundéns has to offer, and time and time again, we couldn’t be more impressed.

This summer we spent time with the Grundéns 30 Liter Rumrunner Backpack — a heavy duty waterproof backpack that is built to take on the elements. For many years, our experience with travel has helped guide reviews of packs and luggage, and having seen this gear taken on the worst, we know what it takes to get the stamp of approval. While the Grundéns 30 Liter Rumrunner Backpack didn’t see any international travel this summer, it did get thousands of miles of travel in all sorts of conditions in the back of a pickup truck through the Rockies and the Sierras over the summer months. And it’s worth noting before proceeding, that not every “waterproof” bag we tested remained waterproof as expected. However, the Grundéns stood up and performed as expected.

For us, the two most important aspects of a waterproof bag are that it needs to be tough and of course, it need to be waterproof. Beyond that, if you’re going to wear a pack or travel long distances, it needs to be comfortable to carry hour after hour. Grundéns 30 Liter Rumrunner Backpack is not only tough with a thick waterproof construction and welded seams, it also has comfortable padded straps, numerous storage compartments and straps on the outside, and plenty of smart storage for easy access. Did they think of everything when designing this backpack? It seems so …

The Grundéns 30 Liter Rumrunner Backpack is available in Black and Refraction Camo Dark Slate and costs $89.99 for the Black and $104.99 for the Camo. To learn more about the 30 Liter Rumrunner Backpack from Grundéns, please click here.

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