Exploring the Guanahacabibes Peninsula of Cuba with Untamed Angling


Untamed Angling is known for their fly fishing operations in the Bolivian and Brazilian Amazon. For most anglers, the first word that likely comes to mind when thinking about Untamed Angling is “jungle.” Now Untamed Angling is embarking on a new significant project — operations on the Guanahacabibes Peninsula in Cuba at El Faro Lodge. We recently interviewed Marcelo Perez of Untamed Angling about this new venture:

Untamed Angling is known for establishing destinations in the Amazon jungle? Why saltwater now?

Well, in the past we have created destinations in Patagonia like Far End Rivers  (the Yrigoyen River, now World’s End Lodge), in Seychelles like Desroches Fly Fishing Adventures (now expanded to Alphonse and Cosmoledo) among others. We are specialized in the jungle, but we did work in other environments before. What doesn’t change is Untamed Angling project model, which always remain. All our venues have the same concept.

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Cuba is known for many things including the logistical challenges of getting there from the United States. What is so exciting about this destination that Untamed Angling decided to go in on it?

The Guanacabibes Peninsula is a wild National Park and Biosphere Reserve, highly protected for the last 40 years, and also it’s a very unique environment itself. It’s very “untamed.”

Logistical challenges in the jungle are the most crazy you could imagine in the fly fishing world, so I’m very confident about our work in Cuba.

What drew you to the Guanahacabibes Peninsula?

The challenge of developing something different in saltwater. The place is so special that could be a new experience for anglers throughout the world. Also it’s the opportunity to operate the first beachfront lodge in Cuba.


What’s fishing been like there so far?

Very successful! We’ve caught good sized tarpon, with sight casting and blind, big bonefish, snooks, triggerfish, and variety of species plus there’s the bluewater action, which is very rich in the area. There’s an area of flats on the south of the peninsula, which we still haven’t explored, and the locals say that there are plenty of permit.

Is this area of Cuba different than others currently fished?

Yes. This is not the typical endless sand flats area. It holds many different environments all close to the marina where we have the skiffs, all very accessible for our anglers. Sand, coral, turtle grass flats, channels, lagoons, mangroves, and the bluewater.

Also another big difference is the lodge. We will accommodate our guests in single room wooden cabins in front of a solitary beach, three minutes from the marina. It is the first unique beachfront fly fishing lodge in Cuba. We’ll also provide prime services as we always do in our jungle destinations.

What are the plans for the opening of this lodge and future operations?

We are having our first Exploratory Season in May, June, and July in 2020. Then we’ll open a full season for 2021 and the following years.

To learn more about El Faro Lodge, please click here.

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