Off the Grid Studios Films Now Available Online

The Arctic char
From “The Arctic” (Photo: RA Beattie)

Films from Off the Grid Studios have impressed and entertained anglers for many years. With films that take on destinations and species all over the globe, Off the Grid Studios has expanded the consciousness of anglers and allowed them to explore fly fishing waters throughout the world through film. And now OTG films are even more accessible than ever with their new channel on YouTube.

Jungle Angler
From “Jungle Angler” (Photo: RA Beattie)

The Off the Grid Studios catalog of films is impressive. And for Amazon Prime members, all of the films are available to watch for free. For those who aren’t Prime members, all of the films are available for digital purchase at pretty reasonable rates.

Jungle Angler OTG
From “Jungle Angler” (Photo: RA Beattie)

Among favorites, “Jungle Angler” follows a team of anglers as they pursue golden dorado on the fly in Bolivia. These fish absolutely murder streamers, and the anglers bring in some incredible fish.

milkfish Chanos Chanos
From “Chanos Chanos” (Photo: Austin Trayser)

In “Chanos Chanos,” Off the Grid Studios sets the bar for what a saltwater fly fishing film ought to be. With exciting action at a far off location, this film focuses on fly fishing for milkfish in the Seychelles.

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From “Carpland”

For many, it’s hard imagine the appeal of fly fishing for carp. If anything could sway your opinion, “Carpland” might be the ticket. Watching Jeff Currier scan shallow water for carp as his guide poles the boat is pretty dang cool.

Turning Points North
From “Turning Points North”

“Turning Points North” is another OTG film that features Jeff Currier. In this one, the viewer gets to learn more about Jeff’s journey as he ventures to Canada for some pretty epic pike fishing.

Dubai on the Fly
From “Dubai on the Fly” (Photo: Bryan Gregson)

Off the Grid Studios is known for taking on destinations and fish that aren’t on the radar of most anglers. Queenfish in Dubai is a perfect example. “Dubai on the Fly” is their most recent film, and in the film anglers fish the bluewater of Dubai (with skyscrapers in view) for what is a pretty cool saltwater fish.

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From “Corazón” (Photo: Bryan Gregson)

A good film needs plenty of great angling action but also a compelling story. “Corazón” has the action but also brings in several stories that come together for an inspiring and moving film.

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