Film Review: Fly Fishing a Place Like No Other in Dubai on the Fly

When RA Beattie and the crew at Off the Grid Studios release a new film, anglers can safely assume their highest expectations will be met, and Dubai on the Fly is no exception.

Dubai on the Fly is the culmination of the efforts of RA Beattie, Sarah Grigg, Bryan Gregson, and Paul Bourcq as they head to Dubai along with Frank Smethurst to fly fish for queenfish.

Frank Smethurst is no newbie to being featured on the big screen, and his enthusiasm for fish and their pursuit make him the perfect subject of the film. The team follows Frank as he unites with guide Nick Bowles of Ocean Active and local angler Mohammed Al Faour. The trio hit the waters of Dubai (with modern skyline in sight) and fly fish for the highly unique, explosive, and visually compelling queenfish. And in the process of finding fish, anglers also find connections to each other.

While Dubai on the Fly is about fly fishing for queenfish in Dubai, it is more than that. It is about how angling brings curiosity which brings connection. As a result, all individuals in the film explore tradition, culture, and the bonds of shared passion.

And while trying to understand culture, connection, and human nature are intellectual pursuits that we all take on, sometimes it’s just some good old fly fishing footage that gets us most excited, and this film certainly has that too. Like many Beattie films, Dubai on the Fly tackles a subject that gets little attention and brings it into the conversation. Alas, with queenfish in Dubai, we find that the team at Off The Grid Studios have become old hands at bringing us something new.

For anglers wanting to see what’s out there when it comes to species and experiences, Dubai on the Fly is a must-watch. And with queenfish coming to the forefront as such an exciting saltwater specie, you just might be looking at flights before the film ends.

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– Tim Harden

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