Gear Review: The Fish Friends XTRATUF 6″ Deck Boot from Salmon Sisters

Salmon Sisters Boots

A good pair of deck boots have immense value to anglers and outdoors enthusiasts. And while The Venturing Angler has praised various brands of deck boots over the years, we haven’t seen much to get us excited for women’s boot options — that is until now with the Fish Friends XTRATUF 6″ Deck Boot from Salmon Sisters.

Deck boots are worth their weight in gold, and in the Pacific Northwest, this footwear is a staple for men and women. For heading to work in the rain and snow or daily casual attire during the rainy season, waterproof boots that slip on and off with ease simply make life a little easier when it’s wet. And while it might seem like all deck boots are the same, they simply aren’t. Durability, comfort, and other design elements truly set some boots apart from others. The Fish Friends 6″ Deck Boot from Salmon Sisters are boots that raise the bar for deck boots for women.

At 6-inches and featuring two loops to pull, the Fish Friends boots easily come on and off and work very well with nearly any piece of attire. The shorter 6-inch height allows these boots to work with many different outfits and therefore get you to and from work or around town with dry feet more often than with big rubber rain boots. Additionally, designed specifically for women, the Fish Friends boots are comfortable to wear for hours on end and the sole of these boots grip wet surfaces well.

For a day on the water, deck boots are the way to go. Wet feed before fishing can impact the entire day. Likewise, as silly as it sounds, transitioning between shoes and waders can be a pain. Deck boots keep your feet dry before and after fishing and couldn’t be easier to take on and off. Casually walk through puddles and mud at he put in then hose off your boots at the end of the day if you wish. Easy.

Finally, these boots simply look great and have artwork that feature all five species of Pacific salmon found in Alaska and also steelhead and rainbow trout. 1% of proceeds from sales support donations of wild Alaska fish to the Food Bank of Alaska.

The Fish Friends 6″ Deck Boot from Salmon Sisters are available in sizes 6-11 and cost $100. To learn more about the Fish Friends 6″ Deck Boot from Salmon Sisters, please click here.

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