Fly Fishing Gear Review: Ultra-Wool Baselayers from Simms

Simms Ultra-Wool Core 1:4 Zip

Whether it’s interviewing traveling anglers about gear preferences or experiencing the new gear hype at the International Fly Tackle Dealer Show every year, two things are certain:

  1. Fly anglers love gear.
  2. It’s usually rods, reels, and other hard goods that get the most attention.

Despite the fact that it’s likely a new rod or reel that will get anglers most excited, it’s the soft goods that can ultimately make or break a day on the water. Sure, a rod or reel fail can impact a day, but everything from comfort to endurance are key on the water, and one of the factors that most influences how you feel from sunrise to sunset is your baselayer.

We’ve all been in situations where baselayers have made you too hot or not warm enough. And as much as you fight it, it can really impact your fishing experience and performance. For anglers who hike and wade a lot, a comfortable amount of layering can feel like a wet towel within a short amount of time. And despite the best wicking and drying technology, more often than not, you’re wet all day.

For anglers looking to avoid these layering fails, the Ultra-Wool Core Bottom and Ultra-Wool Core 1/4 Zip from Simms are a great solution. Simms has now developed an exceptional track record for not just designing great technical apparel, but their designs are also intelligently designed for anglers. This is very apparent in the new Simms Ultra-Wool Core Bottom and Ultra-Wool Core 1/4 Zip.

Simms Ultra-Wool Core Bottom

The Ultra-Wool layering system is perfect for anglers who need a base on warm days or who hike, fish hard, wade a lot, or encounter a range of temperatures over the course of a day. Tested in temperatures ranging from the low 50s to the 80s, these exceptionally lightweight pieces were hardly noticeable in the heat, and they were essential in the cold.

The first thing you might notice when holding the Ultra-Wool Core Bottom and the Ultra-Wool Core 1/4 Zip is how light they are. In fact, this might even raise concern for when it comes to those cooler days. However, this baselayer system was perfect for those temperature ranges. And having something so light and breathable with such good wicking made hot days much cooler under the waders.

The Ultra-Wool Core Bottom and the Ultra-Wool Core 1/4 Zip are designed to hug the skin, and the softness of the material brings in an additional element of comfort. There is also some stretch in the material which helps active anglers who seek mobility and don’t want to be constrained in any way by their apparel.

The Ultra-Wool Core Bottom is $119.95 and the Ultra-Wool Core 1/4 Zip is $129.95. Both come in the Raven Color, and the Ultra-Wool Core 1/4 Zip also comes in Simms Orange.

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