Video: Fly Fishing Jardines de la Reina in Cuba

Jardines de la Reina is Cuba is one of the ultimate flats destinations, and the team from The Fly Fishing Nation (once again) captured some great footage from this island destination.

From The Fly Fishing Nation:

“Named the Queen‘s Gardens by Christopher Columbus, the Jardines de la Reina is a pristine chain of islands. The island system runs more than one hundred miles back to the northwest, from Cuba‘s south-eastern coast. Most of the area we fish is fifty or more miles offshore and has been designated as a Cuban Marine Park in 1996 and now is the biggest Park in all the Caribbean area. As such, there is no commercial fishing in the area, and no other operators allowed. With Cuba‘s continued protection it should remain a treasure forever. International Anglers and travellers alike rave about the diverse and prolific fishing grounds. Known for its exceptional ocean-side permit fisheries, as well for it’s outstanding Tarpon fishing throughout the migration it is rumoured to be one of the most consistent destinations in Cuba and worldwide. After our fulminate start a few years ago and our record trip last year (2017) with 10Grand Slams and 1 Super Grand Slam, here some mellow vibes from our 2018 gig with our 7 Permit and 5 Slams. DOP: Felix Tonio Stinzing Music: Special thanks to the amazing artist ‘Kishi Bashi – I am the Antichrist to you!’

Fly Fishing Nation Media 2018

Featured Anglers: Alexander Keus, Markus Müller, Daniel Wegmüller, Miso Savarin, Antonio Audia, Sven Gangfuß, Stephan Geuer, Ladd Michael Nolin, Aaron Banks.”

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