Fly Rod Review: The Fenwick Fenglass Fiberglass Rod

Fenwick Fenglass rod

A couple of years ago, I went up to the Golden Gate Angling & Casting Club in San Francisco to practice casting. For those who have been to this classic casting club, you’re probably familiar with the fact that the folks who hang out at the club are some of the most dedicated casters on the planet and tend to obsess about every aspect of their cast and their rods. At the club, you’ll see plenty of $900 rods, custom bamboo and other rods, and you’ll also see some of the best anglers in the world casting the Fenwick Fenglass rod.

The Fenwick Fenglass is not the latest rod that has grabbed everyone’s attention and is the center of big marketing campaigns. In fact, this rod has been around for some time and has a price tag under $300. Yet despite these factors that can sometimes make rods forgotten remnants of the past, the Fenglass remains a favorite and a go-to for some of the best of the best.

The Fenwick Fenglass is a fiberglass rod that is about as smooth as it gets. A medium action rod, Fenwick has built a casting tool that feels good to cast but is also impressively accurate. Some of those great casters mentioned even use this rod for competitive casting competitions.

For most anglers, rod performance goes beyond the casting pond and the rod must also deliver on the water. (Literally.) I took the Fenwick Fenglass to Yosemite and fished the tight quarters of a canyon for small wild trout. The tight quarters were no problem for this rod as the feel in my backcast allowed me to have control that allowed me to stay away from brush and trees. And when I came through on my forward cast, I could always count on a nice slow presentation. Fly fishing is all about the experience, and I have to say that the feel that comes from fishing this rod only heightens the experience, just as spices might improve the taste of a favorite meal. Nice rod.

There are six options for anglers interested in the Fenglass, and the range includes everything from a 6’6″ 3 weight to an 8’3″ 8 weight. Prices depend on model and range from $199.95 to $249.95. Rods also include a hard rod tube and a lifetime warranty.

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