The Osprey Journal Collaborates to Expand Advocacy

The Osprey 2.0

The Osprey journal has advocated for wild steelhead and salmon since 1987, and they will now be expanding their advocacy and read with new partnerships with the Wild Steelhead Coalition, World Salmon Forum, Trout Unlimited, The Conservation Angler, Fly Fishers International, SkeenaWild Conservation Trust and the Steelhead Society of British Columbia.

As they put it, “Since 1987, The Osprey journal has been advocating for wild Pacific salmon and steelhead by promoting the best science and policies to restore and conserve wild fish populations throughout their range. Issues regularly covered by The Osprey include hatchery reform, restoring river systems through dam removal, threats to wild fish posed by fish farming, mining, and misguided government salmon and steelhead management policies.”

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