Review: The Ronin Hoodie from KAST Gear

Kast Ronin Hoody

Admittedly, I am a performance tee junky. In fact, I may only wear a cotton t-shirt a few times every year. Both casually and on the water, I am also a bit particular about what shirts I wear because after all, they need to perform in the superior way I seek them to.

With all of this in mind, I both enthusiastically and cautiously tested out the new Ronin Hoodie from KAST Gear and loved several aspects of this piece.

What makes the Ronin Hoodie great:


Like the KAST Inferno Gloves we recently reviewed, it is very obvious that KAST has paid very close attention to fit. With that, this hoodie wears like true technical performance gear ought to. I often find performance tees that are baggy and long in the arms, thereby being a nuisance with cloth flopping around, especially when wet. Other shirts can be long in the torso. In any case, this excess that generally doesn’t serve any body type frequently gets wet then becomes an even greater bother. KAST is consistently getting it right with having anatomically correct fit. And an added benefit to good fit: it looks good.


Let’s be real. Everyone is going to say that their performance tee is lightweight, simply because it’s not cotton. But some shirts are lighter than others. I own another technical shirt that is so light that it feels flimsy and consequently rests in the corner of my closet. The Ronin is neither too light or too thick. Goldilocks would like this one too.


After all, this is a performance tee and has features that we want on the water, especially the hot, sunny flats. This shirt is breathable, quick drying, moisture wicking, and is UPF rated at 50+. With the hood, I can be on the water all day and still run from the sun.

I travel a lot. And my goal is always to be a minimal packer in every way possible because of the absurd amount of gear I generally bring. Good clothes save space. There is no question that the KAST Ronin Hoodie will be traveling with me so I can leave a couple of other shirts at home.

To check out the KAST Ronin Hoodie, please click here.

– Tim Harden

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