Review: The Inferno UPF Glove from KAST Gear


I don’t like wearing gloves. Is that a good starting point for a review of a pair of gloves?! Even when steelheading in frigid waters in a cold downpour, I’ll do anything and everything I can to avoid wearing gloves. They just seem to get in the way of feeling what’s happening with the rod.

Despite this preference, in recent years I’ve reluctantly made an exception and find myself wearing gloves often. The reason: UV protection. Since childhood, most of my days in the sun are on the water, and most of my sunburn has been on the back of my neck and on my hands, especially on my casting hand. If not careful, this will be a recipe for future skin and health problems. So now, I “run from the sun” in those vulnerable areas and have looked long and hard for gloves that protect my skin while giving me the feel I need when fishing.

With those considerations in mind, the Inferno Glove from KAST perfectly suit my needs as an angler. First, they are rated at UPF 50+, thereby giving me all the protection I need from UV rays. Second they allow plenty of feel. The thin material almost feels like a second skin, and Kast placed their logo on the palm with silicone grip for maximum feel. Also, the breathable material means that if you’re wet or sweating, the gloves do not suddenly become more restrictive and more uncomfortable in a way that becomes a burden like some gloves do.

Among other features, Kast put a patch on the index finger on both hands for additional durability when wet fly lines are stripped, and the stretchy material not only keeps the hands comfortable, but they cut down on the gloves being restrictive. In addition, the gloves are designed to fit hands. I know this sounds like an obvious statement, but Kast has clearly made the effort to make certain the gloves are anatomically precise, and the result is that the pair I wore didn’t have any extra clumps of cloth that got between me and the cork on my rod. Again, feel is critical for me.

The Kast Inferno Gloves come with strong recommendations. They are available in Grey and Blue and retail for $29.95.

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– Tim Harden

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