Video: Fly Fishing the World in Hatch by Gin Clear Media

HATCH – Fly Fishing DVD Trailer from Gin Clear Media on Vimeo.

Gin Clear Media from New Zealand has produced another work of beauty in their new film, Hatch.

Hatch, as revealed in the by the trailer above, beautifully follows fly anglers and several species of fish in a joint pursuit of hatches throughout the world. As stated in Gin Clear Media’s description of the destinations traveled, “There are massive hatches of mayfly on the chalkstreams of England, trout eating ants off bridges in Slovenia, huge cicadas eaten by equally huge trout in the streams of NZ and even a feeding frenzy after a ‘hatch’ of krill in the ocean.”

Gin Clear Media

Gin Clear Media aims to produce the highest quality fly fishing films, and they have surely accomplished this goal in Hatch. What’s more, the film clocks in at over four hours – a stunning amount of time and rivaled by very few other than Springsteen in Milan or Phish on Halloween, covering a double-live accomplishment of yesteryear.

To check out Hatch, please click here.

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