Destination Russia: Fly Fishing Adventures with The Best of Kamchatka

The Very Best of Kamchatka from Will Blair on Vimeo.

Kamchatka is fly fishing adventure.

Although the word is now out on Kamchatka, this Eastern Russia land remains largely unexplored and a place of remarkable solitude. Unlike many fly fishing destinations, Kamchatka remains a true far-off destination, and it takes a very committed angler and traveler to pursue it. If you are one of these devout adventurers, then Kamchatka might be the holy grail of fly fishing destinations.

best of kamchatka

There is no question that the most devout explorer still needs guidance in Kamchatka, and The Best of Kamchatka offers anglers a great deal. The experts at The Best of Kamchatka guide anglers through the thick of untouched Eastern Russia and the the heart of rainbow trout country for some of the best freshwater fly fishing on Earth. By helicopter, raft, and dry fly (or mouse!), anglers take on adventure through the land of trout, salmon, bear, and little else. And for anglers seeking the trip of a lifetime, we don’t want anything else!

The Best of Kamchatka also has backing for its name. Owner Will Blair has dedicated 17 years of his life to the peninsula and has fished more than 35 Kamchatka drainages. Blair is a true fly fishing explorer in a largely unscouted land.

The Best of Kamchatka offers an excellent website rich in information about the excellent services they offer. Check out the video above, and to see more and check out what’s offered by The Best of Kamchatka, please click here.

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