Redington Announces Redesigned Crosswater Fly Reel

Redington has a long history of making good, reliable gear at great prices. Their Crosswater reel has been a longtime favorite for many anglers. They’ve now announced a new redesigned Crosswater fly reel.

From Redington:

Redington’s redesigned Crosswater fly reel offers style and function an at affordable price. Whether you’re just getting into fly fishing for the first time, or in need of a refresh that’s both durable and efficient, the no-nonsense features of the Crosswater make the choice easy. The unique design is constructed from durable polymer and features a newly upgraded fully carbon disc drag system that offers reliable fish-stopping performance and smoother startup. The composite reel prioritizes a lightweight design, minimizing casting fatigue, and won’t weigh you down while traveling or trekking up stream. The large-notched drag knob makes for easy drag adjustment in the heat of the fight.

The Crosswater comes in the two most popular sizes in fly fishing—a freshwater (4/5/6) and an all water (7/8/9) wt. The 4/5/6 freshwater is perfect for everything trout, small bass, and panfish. The 7/8/9 all water is best for sport fish like salmon, large bass, stripers, and redfish in the Southeast. The Crosswater is available as both a stand alone reel or a pre-spooled reel that comes lined with 5wt or 8wt RIO Mainstream lines and dacron backing – rigged and ready for action.

“I’m stoked that we’ve redesigned the Crosswater reel. Sometimes, simple is just better. To have an affordable reel option that still includes a carbon drag, is a killer deal for anyone looking to get into fly fishing, or have a reel that brings performance and value.” – Ethan Law, Redington Community Manager


  • Durable composite frame and spool
  • Easy to change spool
  • Carbon disc-drag
  • Large arbor for quicker retrieve
  • Notched drag knob for easy adjustment
  • Easy left to right hand retrieve conversion
  • Cloth reel bag
  • 1-year warranty



  • 5.0 (OZ)
  • 100 yards/20lb backing
  • 1.5” width
  • 3.5” diameter


  • 5.5 (OZ)
  • 150 yards/30lb backing
  • 1.6” width
  • 3.9” diameter

Product video:

Check it out here:

MSRP: $64.99

Spool: $32.50

About Redington:

At Redington it’s about experiencing the sport of fly fishing through a non-traditional lens and engaging anglers and non-anglers alike. It’s with this in mind that we create our product lines. Redington designs fly fishing gear for adventure. Exploring the past, present and future of the sport—redefining how it could be better, more accessible, and intuitive. We visualize everyone’s needs when exploring designs to bring quality performance products that are approachable on all sides of the equation, from aesthetics to price.