Video: Fly Fishing for Trout at Clear Creek Ranch in Northern California

Northern California has seemingly secret private waters throughout the region that give anglers opportunities to experience world-class fly fishing often without another angler in sight. In a new video from The Fly Shop, Clear Creek Ranch is given a breakdown.

From The Fly Shop:

Located about an hour from The Fly Shop in Northern California is Clear Creek and Clear Creek Ranch. This is a narrow, mountain stream that begins in the snow-capped Trinity Divide and runs more than fifteen miles through a rugged canyon before it ever hits a paved road. Throughout the property, anglers have access to outstanding opportunities to fish a variety of different water for trout. There is often great dry fly fishing, and trout have been known to exceed 20 inches.

Much of this property is on the Kutras Ranch, protected behind locked gates since the gold rush, and opened for the exclusive use of The Fly Shop® clientele for the first time in 1989.

In addition to the fishing, guests can enjoy the accommodations of the cabins that are available for use.

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Video: Dominic Anthony Bruno

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