Book Review: A Focus on Striped Bass in Seasons of the Striper

There are a number of fish species that have almost a cult following of obsessed anglers who pursue them. Tarpon and steelhead are such species, and make no mistake about it, stripers are also a fish that have passionate anglers in pursuit.

Several years ago, Jamie Howard’s film “Running the Coast” captured much of what the striper scene is all about. Now striped bass enthusiasts have a new book that takes on this fish and the devoted anglers that take them on. Seasons of the Striper — Pursuing the Great American Gamefish from William Sisson is a beautiful 220-plus page book that is filled with stories and great photos about striped bass and striped bass angling.

Like steelheaders, striper anglers are often willing to put in a lot of hours and a lot of work for few fish. Some chase birds, some chase the migration, and others put in countless hours of casting big rigs in the surf. And as we’ve seen in recent years, there are even anglers who pole shallow flats in bays on the Atlantic Coast for these fish. All of these practices are well documented in this book, and every aspect of striped bass fishing gets a good look. From the history of fishing for striped bass to the characteristics and distribution of the fish itself to fly angling and night fishing, William Sisson takes on everything striper in the book. And for those who want plenty of photos, the author includes a generous amount of photos from a number of outstanding photographers.

Good coffee table books that pay homage to a species come around only every so often. When they do, they are a must-have for enthusiasts. Seasons of the Striper is such a book, and Sisson’s work will be considered by many the definitive book on fishing for striped bass.

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