Video: Fly Fishing for Montana Bull Trout in “EL TORO”

Bull trout in Montana are the focus of a new video from The Fly Project.

From The Fly Project:

“This time, we trek into Montana’s backcountry in search of the elusive Bull Trout. The migration is quickly winding down and fish are few and far in between. Jay, Noah, Nick and Scott pack up the rafts and head into the unknown. Bull Trout are Montana’s largest native predator fish species and aggressive hunters. The species has been protected in Montana since 1998 under The Endangered Species Act. Bull Trout are extremely sensitive to change. Variable water temperatures or changes in diet can have a large impact on these fish. There are only a few places left where you can legally target these fish by strict regulations. Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks takes angling for these fish very serious and for good reason. With help from responsible anglers, Montana Biologists can study Bull trout more closely. #keepemwet

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