Restore the Snake Sticker Supports the Snake River

A great sticker from RepYourWater helps you take a stand against the Lower Snake River dams while also supporting the cause. From this purchase, 20% of sales goes to Trout Unlimited’s Restore the Snake Campaign.

From RepYourWater:

“The best cold-water salmon habitat left in the contiguous United States is in the Snake River Basin. In fact, within the current, native distribution of salmon and steelhead on the west coast, the 30,000 miles of stream habitat in the Snake River basin represents 50 percent of all coldwater habitat and it’s blocked by four aging, fish-killing dams.  It is time to Restore the Snake by takingdown the lower four Snake River dams.  Snake River salmon and steelhead are a critical juncture if they are to persist in abundant and fishable numbers.  Learn more and show your support Trout Unlimited’s effort to Restore the Snake at”

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