The Anglers Academy Offers Summer Courses in Island Park, Idaho

Photo: Bryan Gregson

The Anglers Academy is an intensive fly fishing school made up of some of the best anglers and instructors in the West and takes places in Island Park, Idaho — a place that some say is the center of dry fly fishing in the United States. From John Hudgens to John Juracek to Alice Owsley and more, the Anglers Academy offers anglers a rate opportunity to learn from some of the best of the best.

For those looking for a trip to Idaho this summer, they have two courses coming up:

2022 Advanced Course, July 24-29

From the Anglers Academy:

Our Advanced Course is available to those who have previously participated in either the Women’s Course or Signature Course and are thirsty for more! The advanced course is based around one of the most famed and challenging dry fly fisheries in the world: The Railroad Ranch section of the Henry’s Fork River. Our Advanced Course differs from the other courses in that students will spend more time on the water with the instructors, looking for fish, casting to them, and solving problems as they arise in real-time, on-water scenarios.

While part of our curriculum will be dedicated to the fundamentals of casting, the Advanced Course focuses on mastering advanced casting techniques such as the reach, pile, and bounce casts, as well as how to make use of single and double hauls to achieve greater distance and accuracy. We’ll also take a more in-depth look at insects and fish diets, the fly patterns that imitate the various life stages of aquatic insects, and the plethora of food types available to fish so that you’ll know just what to do when the trout aren’t eating your fly. Part of the program will also entail building out leaders for every situation and changing tippets regularly to simulate the reality of targeting selective trout.

The Advanced Course delves deeper into topics from previous courses that were covered on the macro level, but introduces several important new subjects as well. The team of instructors that we have assembled for this program are second-to-none and will help take your game from ordinary to extraordinary.

Photo: Bryan Gregson

Signature Course, August 6-11

From the Anglers Academy:

Our Signature Course is designed for intermediate anglers who are passionate about fly fishing and eager to take their skills to the next level. We have a remarkable team of instructors for this course—some of the most talented in the industry—and their approach to teaching is interactive, in-depth and inspiring.

During the mornings of the first three days, we will cover essential topics in a classroom setting: Leaders and tippets, fishing knots, fisheries biology, insects, the importance of a good presentation, fly lines, rise forms, approaching the water and different water types, selecting a fly, what to carry with you, and so much more. On-water topics include basic fish photography, aquatic insects, observation, wading a river, boat fishing, etiquette, reading the water, various techniques for dry fly, nymph and streamer fishing and knowing the various types of casts.

The Signature Course places a huge emphasis on the proper mechanics of casting, as this is the foundation of good angling. After four days, students will understand how to self-correct casting mistakes, how to avoid throwing wind knots or tailing loops, and how to throw a beautiful line consistently and accurately in all conditions. There is no question that you will emerge from the Signature Course a better and more independent angler.

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