Book Review: A Reel Job by Ryan Johnston

Anyone who’s ever taken a guided trip has probably realized over the course of a day that most guides probably have plenty of stories. Now, from Ryan Johnston, a collection of guide stories are presented in an enjoyable new book.

Ryan Johnston has spent 20 years guiding. And like with many guides, day after day on the water brings about fascinating conversations and encounters with interesting people. And of course, time on the water often leads to deep reflection. For those who want a glimpse into what came out of these years experience, the new book, A Reel Job: Short Stories & Thoughts from the River is highly recommended.

A Reel Job is a fun and easy read, especially for those who might enjoy having fly fishing mixed into reflective essays and stories. At approximately 170 pages, this page turner is interesting, amusing, and relatable. And for many of us who have always wondered what it’s like to be a guide, this book gives a glimpse into the experience and insights that come from guiding.

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