Fly Fishing Gear Review: The Simms Freestone Sling Pack

Simms recently announced their new Fall 2021 product line, and there were a number of standout new products. Of particular interest, the new Freestone Sling Pack looked like a piece that might get a good bit of time on the water. We recently spent some time with the Simms Freestone Sling Pack, and this sling is even better than imagined.

Simms is now over-designing just about everything. This is not a criticism. On this end, this just means that Simms innovation is leading to a variety of features that never seemed needed until you have them, and then you love those features. The Freestone Sling Pack is an example of a pack that has more features than you ever knew you needed. Let’s break down what stands out:

First, this 12-liter sling has a generous amount of space while maintaining a light weight and low profile. And unlike most slings, the Freestone has some structure to it. This is great for keeping things in place inside. Also vital for keeping things in place is the number of compartments and sections in this sling. Many backpacks and slings are just a black hole for everything you have. Organization can be tough. And sometimes finding one thing can take far too long (thus losing time on the water.) On the outside alone, there are four zippered sections for individual compartments. Items like keys and your phone are easily accessible from one, fly boxes can easily go in another, larger items can go in the main compartment, et cetera. Additionally, there is another outside section that is perfect for a water bottle, sunblock, or other items.

Extending off of the main compartment (which has a mesh divider for more organization) is a workstation (pictured below) that also has a mesh divider. The workstation also has a removable and replaceable foam piece for flies, and when opened, the workstation truly does serve as a functional workstation that maintains its structure and provides sort of a mini-table for rigging up. On the outside of the workstation is a foam pad with a removable tippet holder and a removable floatant holder.

What’s more — there’s a sleeve for your net between the workstation and the main compartment.

The strap has more of an ergonomic design and fit than many other slings, and it feels great to wear this sling for extended periods of time. (Nothing worse than a sore shoulder on day one because of a sling.) There are three ways to adjust the straps to help with fit, and the mesh back helps with breathability and comfort.

This sling is made up of a 330D Nylon Ripstop fabric with polyurethane backside coating. This makes the sling lightweight, durable, and water resistant. (Note: This is not a waterproof sling.)

The Simms Freestone Sling Pack comes in Black and Pewter and costs $139.95. To learn more about the Simms Freestone Sling Pack, please click here.

Disclosure: Simms is in a professional relationship with The Venturing Angler. Though potentially benefiting from this relationship, we do not post what we do not believe to be true. To read more, click here.