Review: The Flyweight Wet Wading Shoe from Simms

When any company comes out with a wet-wading shoe, we get curious. After all, the word “comfortable” is thrown around a little loosely, and if there’s a way minimalist anglers can feel truly comfortable all day on the water, we’re interested in learning more. Simms has been taking great strides with footwear, so we couldn’t wait to get the new Simms Flyweight Wet Wading Shoe out on the Truckee River.

There’s a lot that’s attractive about these wading shoes. They look good, they aren’t too bulky and thereby taking away from their intended purpose with respect to comfort, and they are exceptionally lightweight, even with a Vibram sole. And on the water these shoes lived up to everything they were cracked up to be. Indeed these shoes are lightweight, comfortable, and they have a heck of a grip with that Vibram sole. Additionally, they dry fairly quickly and are so comfortable that you could wear them all day without thinking about the fact that they are essentially scaled-down wading boots made into a shoe.

We are always honest with our readers, so we do want to note that we tested these several months ago and held back on the review because of concerns about a lot of blisters around the ankle that came after day one. These were in fact the most comfortable wading shoes or boots we’ve worn, and it felt a lot like wearing a sneaker. However, the blisters raised concerns. In the time since, and with numerous attempts, we’ve found no other anglers reporting the same issue. That said, we attribute this to a fluke and believe what we liked about the shoes are enough to justify recommending them.

The Simms Flyweight Wet Wading Shoe comes in sizes 7-14 and in Slate and Pacific colors.

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