Review: Fly Fishing for Trout with the TRACE Rod from Redington

Earlier this year, Redington announced a new rod family designed specifically for trout anglers who want a well-priced rod for a range of trout applications. The medium-fast action Redington TRACE rods are for trout anglers wanting rods for everything from small water trout in backcountry creeks to strong streamer rods for float trip fishing.

We ventured out to the Truckee River in California with a 9′ 5-weight TRACE and were impressed with the rod — especially for the price. This well-built rod felt good in hand and was tested in just about every way one might fish a 5-weight. We fished with small dries and even fished heavy double nymph rigs. In all applications, this rod performed very well.

The half wells cork handle felt good hour after hour, and the rod had plenty of feel and gives good control. Because of the medium-fast action, it took a little more umph at times to manage the double nymph rig, but that was really of no concern. This rod was a joy to cast dries, and when the wind picked up, the rod continued to perform.

The rod also has a nice classic look for western trout fishing, and it felt fairly light. In essence, it was the whole package at a good price.

The Redington TRACE is presently available in eight models ranging from a 7’6″ 2-weight to a 9′ 6-weight. All models are four pieces, come in a rod tube, and cost $299.99. The rod also has a lifetime warranty.

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