Film: Fly Fishing for Nile Perch in Cameroon in CAPITAINE

Capitaine – Fly Fishing exploratory into wild Cameroon from Johann Vorster (Vossie) on Vimeo.

Since day one we’ve been drawn to stories about angling exploration. Now in a new film, we can follow anglers as they explore Cameroon in search of Nile perch.

From the filmmakers:

Imagine a fish so big that some call it the elephant of the river. Imagine it inhabited the waters of 1/4 of the African continent in vast numbers. Now imagine, that largely unseen to the developed world, a wave of humanity has reduced all the rivers and surrounding landscapes to skeletal remains.

But, right in the middle of it all, there’s a wilderness that has beaten the odds, a haven that is a window into the past of how all of Western Africa’s savannas once were. Journey with a group of fly fishermen to this very special oasis to witness an explosion of life, where the end-goal is to help protect it all through fly fishing tourism.

A story by Johann Vorster (Vossie)

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