Video: CLARITY: Finding Solace on the River

Escaping cabin fever in Montana!

From Will Phelps:

“In light of current events affecting the entire world, we’ve been spending the majority of our time at home. We are all facing a number of challenges every single day. Some challenges are simple. Other challenges we face are more serious like- How do I get work when nobody is hiring? how do I not get or spread a Pandemic Virus?

As time goes by, the cabin fever only sets in more and more. It’s hard to sit in the same place all day and all night, for months on end, with all of this crazy stuff happening in the world. Mental health is important. Going into the wilderness and spending time on the river puts you in a place that almost feels like another world. I can’t think of any better way of reducing stress, getting outside, and leaving the burdens of life behind, than going fly fishing.”

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