Gear Review: The Pack Hatchet from Gerber

Gerber Hatchet

For anglers who like to get (further) off the beaten path, a range of new scenarios will often present themselves, and more gear considerations need to be made. Years and years of backcountry fly fishing have revealed that items such as headlamps and hatchets can at times make more of an impact on a day of fishing than actual fishing gear.

No angler wants to carry a big axe. And frankly, no angler that I know has the desire to pack an axe at all. Small, compact, and lightweight, the Gerber Pack Hatchet adds very little to an angler’s pack and makes it easy to add to a backpack or even around the waist.

Gerber Pack Hatchet

At just under 10 inches in length and weighing 20.8 ounces, this low profile hatchet is the minimalist’s hatchet. In our experience, it easily fits in backpacks, gloveboxes, and is hardly noticeable on the belt. It includes a sheath that perfectly fits over the blade, and the sheath has belt loops. There is even a loop in the handle for lanyards or to tie on to other items.

Gerber pack hatchet photo

From the grip to the balance, hatchets often suffer from design that does not take the human hand and actual use into consideration. The Gerber Pack Hatchet does not compromise on the stainless steel 3.5-inch blade yet at the same time features an ergonomic handle for easy, comfortable use.

The Gerber Pack Hatchet has a lifetime warranty and costs $35. To learn more about the Gerber Pack Hatchet, please click here.


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