Trailer: Coastal Angling and Protection in “Tomorrow’s Fish”

Tomorrow’s Fish Trailer from AFFTA / IFTD on Vimeo.

Anglers take on the striper waters of the Northeast in “Tomorrow’s Fish” — an upcoming new film.

From the American Fly Fishing Trade Association:

“This film is an important, beautifully told story about two saltwater fly fishing guides who call the waters off the northeast coast home, coming together to fish off the southern coast of Long Island, NY, at times within eye-shot of the New York city skyline. It’s a celebration of the growing abundance our saltwater fishery, and the adventure and hunt for these wild fish so close to our urban backyard. It’s about frontier gutsiness and livelihoods, and an intense commitment to protect the resource that sustains both.

Getting right to the heart of the delicate balance of this wild ecosystem, their stories contextualize the importance of ensuring that saltwater fisheries conservation stays strong, because even though we’re enjoying some of the best fishing of our lives, it could all very easily go away again if we aren’t vigilant.

Produced by Ocean Media Institute and the American Fly Fishing Trade Association.”

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