Nautilus Reels Launches Custom Reel Builder

Nautilus Custom

MIAMI (October 10, 2019) — Nautilus Reels is pleased to announce the launch of their new online custom reel builder. For years, anglers have sought a range of customizations for their reels, and now these custom reels can be fine-tuned and viewed online before ordering.

“Rather than imagining or calling in a favor at the Nautilus factory to send color combination pictures, you can now use our custom reel builder,” states Kristen Mustad of Nautilus Reels. “Simply go to the custom reel builder on our website, select parts and colors, and easily determine retail pricing. When you’re ready to order, the site will generate a PDF that you can fill in and give to your local fly shop to submit to us.”

Anglers seeking to customize reels care deeply about the smallest details. From frame color to drag knob color to fish engravings, they can now see exactly what they are ordering and easily make changes. Ultimately, this allows anglers to customize reels that perfectly suit their needs and easily place orders with local fly shops.

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Nautilus Reels produces an award-winning line of reels from its headquarters in Miami, Florida. Nautilus is on the forefront of reel innovation and maintains a tradition of experience and excellence while continuously improving performance. For more information about Nautilus Reels, please visit their website and follow Nautilus on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.