Gear Review: The Pelican R40 Personal Utility Ruck Case

Pelican Ruck Case 40

Pelican has dominated the hard case game for longer than I can remember. For years, an investment in a Pelican case is a no-brainer for three primary reasons:

1. Organization of gear

2. Easy transport of gear

3. Insurance

Whether it’s cameras and lenses or rifles, Pelican cases give peace of mind for those times when getting off the grid can take a toll on luggage and gear.

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed owning many of the larger Pelican cases, so I was intrigued when Pelican announced their lineup of Ruck Cases. Designed for “protection for your everyday life gear,” these cases are more suitable for everything from cell phones to knives to credit cards. I tested the Pelican R40 Personal Utility Ruck Case, and couldn’t have been more pleased with its functionality and numerous ways to use it.

First let’s look at the technology and design:

The first thing you’ll notice with this case is it’s tough exterior. You can tell right away that the R40 Personal Utility Ruck Case is designed to be dropped, banged around, and even submerged. Designed to offer protection for the contents inside from dust, dirt, snow, and water (two meters for up to 30 minutes), this puppy delivers exactly what you’d expect from a Pelican case. An oversized hatch keeps the case closed on impact, and inside, Pelican brilliantly considered a wide range of uses with its organization system that includes everything from dividers to Velcro straps.

Pelican Ruck Case

The use:

I’ll be honest. When first getting my hands on the R40 Personal Utility Ruck Case, I couldn’t figure out how I would use it. I now realize I couldn’t yet determine how to best use it. Unsure of its role in my gear life, its now inseparable. (It’s like when I first declared I would never need a smart phone.)

Anglers, hunters, and other outdoors enthusiasts need certain items protected at all times, especially in the field. For me, much of my fishing and hunting takes place in distant locations where it’s critical to protect essential items and also travel as light as possible. This case is perfect got my satellite phone (which now no longer requires a huge and annoyingly oversized case), my cell phone, maps, my passport, my wallet, chargers, matches, and more. On float trips, this case easily keeps essentials secured in a side compartment in my drift boat, and I can now cut down on gear without compromising protection of important things. I love this case.

Additional information:

The R40 Personal Utility Ruck Case from Pelican comes in four colors (orange, OD green, tan, and black) and retails for $54.95. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. For those looking for something smaller, there is an R20 (for $44.95) and the R60 is a larger-sized version and costs $64.95. Great prices for protecting essentials that are surely worth more. Pelican peace of mind.

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