Fly Fishing Gear Review: The Simms Midstream Insulated Pull-Over

Simms Midstream Jacket

Fly anglers are notorious for loving their layering systems, and jackets and pullovers are critical to any system, especially in the U.S. West, where conditions and temperatures can vary greatly over the course of a day. For many, pullovers are a go-to apparel item. And if you are one of those anglers, the new Simms Midstream Insulated Pull-Over should definitely be on your radar.

The first thing you might notice on the water with the Simms Midstream Insulated Pull-Over is how comfortable it is. At first glance, it appears as though this pullover is a thick piece that might be best under a waterproof fishing jacket in cold climates. However, you’ll quickly notice how light the pullover is, and how comfortable it is in a range of temperatures.

Simms Midstream Pullover

Simms has put a number of technologies into this pullover to ultimately deliver what they claim is the “highest warmth-to-weight ratio available with synthetic insulation.” And in fact, this is one of those jackets that can easily be a staple in an angler’s attire on frigid mornings or even mid-afternoon summer days (at least in Northern California on many days).

Among notable features, the Simms Midstream Insulated Pull-Over has elastic cuffs and is wind-resistant — both key elements for anglers and both vital for allowing this to be a comfortable and warm piece while remaining lightweight.

The Simms Midstream Insulated Pull-Over comes in three color options — Anvil, Simms Orange, and Spinach — and retails for $169.95. To learn more about the Simms Midstream Insulated Pull-Over, please click here.

And to see the jacket in action in the cold of British Columbia steelhead season, check out the great new video below.

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