Review: The BUTTER STICK Fiberglass Fly Rod from Redington

Redington Butter Stick-2

Glass is not dead. Not by a long shot. The 2000s ushered in the fast action revolution. In a way, there was a race to the fastest among manufacturers, and it’s likely that each of the top rod companies would admit at least one fast action rod that they regret making. Fast, stiff, no action, no feel.

While companies were racing to be the fastest, Cameron Mortenson at the Fiberglass Manifesto played a different game. He stuck to fiberglass. Bass, trout, bonefish, mako sharks — you name it — feel over fast was (and is) Cam’s focus, and while anglers all collectively drooled over the newest and fastest graphite rods, Cameron and the glass scene coined the statement, “glass is not dead.” And what seemed a little like wishful thinking or nostalgia back then it turns out is true. Glass not only isn’t dead — it’s quite alive.

Always forward thinking with an awareness of where we’ve been, Redington created the BUTTER STICK fiberglass fly rod a number of years ago. The well-liked yellow glass rod checked the box for fiberglass for Redington’s rod offerings, and it wasn’t uncommon to see one on the water. Yet despite having a good glass rod for a very niche market in fly fishing, Redington decided to up their game and revamp the BUTTER STICK, and boy did they!

Redington Butter Stick rod

The new Redington BUTTER STICK is a rod that every angler ought to appreciate. When it comes to the look, Redington went retro on the blank with a 70s-era style that looks pretty dang cool on the water. And with seven different rods in the BUTTER STICK family, there are several different reel seats and handles.

Redington Butter Stick fly rod

On the water, the Redington BUTTER STICK is exactly what a fiberglass purist would want — a smooth but strong classic slow action that gives the angler the true class experience. This rod casts like a dream and makes the fishing experience one for which casting becomes more than what delivers the line — it becomes part of the experience.

I have more than 40 rods, so it’s rare that a rod moves me so much that I can’t imagine not having it in the quiver. For me the 8-weight BUTTER STICK was such a rod. For casting poppers to bass to fishing streamers on a float, the smooth action of this rod when casting and ultimate feel with fish truly enhanced the experience on the water. Fast has its place. Most of my rods are fast action. But while it might be fun and efficient to fly through mountain roads in a Porsche, sometimes it’s far better to slowly cruise through the hills on a bike.

Redington Butter Stick fly fishing

The Redington BUTTER STICK is offered in weights 1-7 and 8 and rod lengths range from 5’9″ to 8′ depending on model. At a $279.99 price point, this rod is very accessible for anglers looking for everything from a creek rod for high country trout to an 8-weight with a fighting butt for saltwater species. All rods are three pieces, come in a hard rod tube, and have Redington’s lifetime warranty.

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– Tim Harden

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