Gear Review: The Deck Hand Hoodie from Grundéns

grundens shirt

Visitors of The Venturing Angler know that we have tested and loved Grundéns gear. And our love for Grundéns went to a whole new level with their new Deck Hand Hoodie.

As anglers, it’s critical to “run from the sun.” UV rays from above and below (the water) can be incredible destructive. This week alone I rowed my raft down the Yuba River in the 100 degree heat and then ventured to the Bahamas to fish the flats at Abaco Lodge. Within just a few days, I could be dealing with the consequences of sunburn or continue on without problems. And recently, the key to comfort and healthy skin has come from the Grundéns Deck Hand Hoodie.

The Grundéns Deck Hand Hoodie is designed for comfort and performance. When it comes to the sun, this hoodie has UPF 30 protection and (obviously) a hood to cover the neck and much of the face. As for performance, the Deck Hand Hoodie is quick drying and has a 4-way stretch material that allows for movement and less restricted range of motion when doing what we need to do as anglers. Additionally, the shirt has COOLCORE chemical-free cooling fabric that uses your own sweat to cool you down.

I’ll be honest — I plan to own several of these hoodies. In fact I need to because the one I have is worn nearly every day. It even makes for a great shirt at the gym, and when soaked in sweat and hot from my workout, it stays remains comfortable when worn.

The Grundéns Deck Hand Hoodie is available in sizes ranging from small to 3x and in three colors. The hoodie costs $60.

To check out more about the Deck Hand Hoodie from Grundéns, please click here.
— Tim Harden

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