Fly Fishing Gear Review: RIO InTouch Perception Line

RIO Pereception line

RIO Products has brought their A-game yet again with another impressive new line. The RIO InTouch Perception line brings together the best of RIO’s decades of innovative technology to deliver a line that ought to appeal to all anglers.

The RIO InTouch Perception line is one of the latest in their InTouch series that often takes existing lines that have been home runs for the company and infuses performance-enhancing technology. In the case of the InTouch Perception, the outcome is a line that improves both casting and feel and ultimately (as they put it) brings more fish.

RIO Perception line review

Of course, good casting and hooksets are the result of skill; however, good gear can certainly help. The InTouch Perception line benefits greatly from RIO’s “ultra-low stretch” ConnectCore Technology with allows for more control when casting and enhanced sensitivity (and thus more feel) when fishing. The lack of stretch also translates to quicker hooksets — a huge benefit for trout anglers who rely on quick reactions to be able to set the hook before it’s too late.

On the water, these features did not go unnoticed. From chucking streamers across rivers to delivering small dries to finicky trout in stillwater, this line simply felt good to cast and fish and was ideal for a range of conditions. And likely due to the minimal stretch, there seemed to be some more accurate casting with this line as well.

Also worth noting, the RIO Perception features their SureFire color system — a three color system that allows anglers to better recognize distance before shooting the line (thereby also improving accuracy). Nice touch.

The Perception comes in weight forward floating lines from 3-8 weight. The color options for the line are camo/tan/gray and green/camo/tan, and retails for $99.99.

To check out more about the RIO InTouch Perception line, please click here.

– Tim Harden

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