Gear Review: The Nightwatch 2.0 Insulated Puffy Jacket from Grundéns

Grundéns Nightwatch 2.0 jacket

A good puffy jacket is absolutely perfect for fly fishing travel. They are light, handle a range of weather conditions, and pack down to a small size. They are perfect for packs and those places that have chilly temperatures in the morning and much warmer temps in the afternoon. And for backcountry anglers, it’s always nice to easily pack a good puffy jacket when hiking then throw it back on when fishing.

What makes a good puffy jacket? Certainly the answer is in its ability to do what’s named above, and ultimately this comes down to technology and features. I had the opportunity to fish the Grundéns Nightwatch 2.0 Insulated Puffy Jacket, and have to say they nailed it with this one.

First, the technology: For the Nightwatch 2.0, Grundéns used a Sustans™ fill, which they describe as “the first bio-based heat retention material used for cold-weather gear in the textile market and is made from a renewable plant-based material.” Always inclined to treat new technology with at least a little suspicion, I found that this innovative fill served its purpose and delivered the key aspects of comfort, warmth, and breathability. The jacket also features a 100% nylon mini-ripstop fabric with DWR coating that is important for making the Nightwatch 2.0 durable, breathable, and water resistant.

Grundéns notes that the one of the improvements of the Nightwatch 2.0 is with fit, and while I didn’t have any experience with the former Nightwatch, I have worn puffy jackets that are loose in the torso. A good fit is key to a good jacket, and when a jacket lacks an anatomical fit, much of the technology behind the jacket goes out the window. At least in my case, Grundéns got fit dialed in perfectly, thereby making this a complete jacket that now frequently goes with me in the field.

The Grundéns Nightwatch 2.0 Insulated Puffy Jacket is available in sizes Small through 3X and comes at a great price of $119.99. Great jacket, great price.

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