Gear Review: The Grundéns Stormlight Jacket

Grundens Stormlight Jacket

From the decks of crabbing boats in Alaska to the far offshore tuna waters off Cape Cod, Grundéns has had a longtime stronghold in the fishing industry. Tough and reliable appropriately describe Grundéns gear, and Grundéns products are often what stand between anglers and the toughest elements.

But the intelligent design of Grundéns gear isn’t limited to situations like you might see on Deadliest Catch or Tuna Wars. In fact, Grundéns now has it all — from flats apparel to luggage. But with a reputation for offshore gear, I was especially curious about the Grundéns Stormlight Jacket.

The Grundéns Stormlight Jacket was tested both on mountain rivers in California and on the tropical flats of Ascension Bay, Mexico, and it both cases, this jacket was great for warm weather.

As the name suggests, the Stormlight Jacket is lightweight and also ready for weather. In fact, lightweight might be the characteristic that stands out the most. This jacket is very light and feels like nothing when wearing it. With waterproof protection, this jacket is ideal on the flats when weather turns or when spray from motoring around might get you wet. This is a great jacket for staying dry in the heat. Additionally, the Stormlight Jacket has UPF 30 sun protection and is breathable. After all, there’s no use in putting on a jacket to stay dry then getting soaked with sweat in the meantime. Equally important — this jacket is quick drying, so after a day on the water, it ought to be dry the next morning for another round. This is great for traveling when wanting to avoid packing wet gear, and the Stormlight also packs down pretty small.

The Stormlight Jacket comes in five colors and costs $179.99.

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