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Thomas & Thomas Avantt
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As many anglers have by now recognized, Thomas & Thomas has been making a mark in the fly fishing world that they haven’t made in decades. This is not to say they haven’t been making great rods over the years, but under new leadership and with some great staffing additions, T&T has been building upon their existing greatness and taking things to a whole new level.

While I’ve been enjoying getting to know their saltwater rods since last year, I had yet to familiarize myself with their newest freshwater rod families. And with most of the runoff in California now behind us, I’ve finally been able to get some reps in with the new Avantt series from Thomas & Thomas.

The Avantt is different than many rods in the sense that when picking it up, it isn’t immediately clear how it might fish. It’s certainly a fast action rod, but it also feels light and uniquely balanced. For me, I found that this combination made for a versatile fishing tool that can handle all freshwater needs.

Thomas & Thomas Avantt FlyRod

This is a fast and strong rod that will throw big streamers from a boat all day. Line control and management is no problem and large flies won’t compromise the action. In the same way, the stiffness of the rod paved the way for all-day angling with double nymph rigs with three to four split shot. That said, when I had almost but determined that the Avantt wouldn’t likely be a good dry fly rod, I was surprised to enjoy casting dries with plenty of feel in a sensitive tip. In all, the Avantt is an exceptionally well-rounded rod that ought to suit any angler. “Streamer rod,” “nymphing rod,” and “dry fly rod” are all descriptions that can collectively be attributed to this fine fishing tool.

The Avantt is available in a range of models, from a 8’6″ 3 weight to a 9′ 7 weight.  Additionally, there is a 10′ 4 weight and a 10′ 5 weight. All rod models are 4-pieces in a hard rod tube for $825.

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– Tim Harden


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