Video: Fly Fishing the Canadian Arctic in “Lords of the North”

Lords of the North from Salmon Junkies on Vimeo.

Columbus Leth and the Salmon Junkies are back with a new video that takes on Arctic char in Canada.

From Salmon Junkies:

“Watch this unique portray of one of the last unspoiled fishing frontiers filmed by Master Photographer Columbus Leth in cooperation with Salmon Junkies and owner of Ekaluk camp Mr. Bill Lyall

The Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus) is found in Arctic and sub-Arctic waters all across the northern hemisphere. It grows to an exceptionally large size and is especially abundant in northern Canada and in the clear and unpolluted waters of the Canadian Arctic. Nowhere is the abundance of this much sought after game and food fish greater, and nowhere does it grow to a larger size than in Nunavut’s Kitikmeot region of the Canadian Central Arctic. Fishing the Ekaluk river has been a guarded secret for a number of Anadromous Junkies from all over the world through many years. A dead man shoes club very few manage to get into. To minimize environmental impact, to safeguard the well-being of the fish stock on the river and to provide for a pleasant and uncrowded fishing experience. By practicing catch-and-release fishing, the well being of the river’s fish population can be safeguarded and conserved for future generations. Guests are encouraged to take photos, carefully handle and release their fish and leave footprints only. Please do not litter in order to minimize environmental impact.

Enjoy Columbus Leth´s latest Master piece and get a rare window into a world very few people have seen before.”

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