Trailer: Fly Fishing for Tasmania with Todd Moen and Catch Magazine

Since the Catch Magazine dropped a new issue of their e-mag last week, we’ve been eagerly anticipating a new video from Todd Moen. Now, to accompany his article, we have a new video on Tasmania.

From Catch Magazine:

“This issue’s T-Motion had me filming on the Twigwaters and high plateau lakes of the amazing Australian island of Tasmania. Flown Under Down Under by Tourism Australia, I met up with Daniel and Simone Hackett of RiverFly 1864. RiverFly 1864 recently won the 2017 Gold Medal from the Australian Tourism Awards. I filmed Simone and Daniel stalking small creeks, or Twigwaters, of the north-east streams in search of small, gorgeous brown trout who live in a playground environment.

In the second segment of the tour, Daniel and I hiked into the Northern Lakes region inside the Tasmanian World Heritage Area near the Walls of Jerusalem National Park. Our basecamp was private RiverFly 1864 huts. I was able to capture some truly interesting animals on film, including the spiny little echidna, the famous jack jumper ants, wallabies and the venomous copperhead and tiger snakes. Tasmania is a magical place, and for a camera operator it’s an exciting landscape to film and a place I’d like to return to with my family someday.”

To check out more from Todd Moen and Catch Magazine, please click here.

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