Review: The Hell Razor Vest from KAST Gear


For anglers looking for a piece of technical clothing that doubles as comfortable casual outerwear, the Hell Razor Vest from KAST Gear might just be the ticket.

Down outerwear is all the rage right now, and rightfully so. Down pieces are generally lightweight, they handle the elements, and they make for great travel gear as they often pack down to take up minimal space. All of this can certainly be said for the Hell Razor Vest.

While testing the Hell Razor, it became quickly clear that this is a fine piece of gear. Both windproof and water resistant, the Hell Razor meets numerous performance needs while also being impressively comfortable. The generous amount of Primaloft insulation gives a comfortable padded feel. In addition, fleece lining in the pockets and around the collar bring warmth to perhaps the two areas where you might need it the most when it’s cold. Smart. And with all of this, the Hell Razor remains breathable, thereby solving (and not creating) problems in the field and on the water.

The Hell Razor is available in both black and slate grey and retails for $139.95.

To check out the KAST Hell Razor Vest, please click here.

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