Fly Fishing Gear Review: RIO InTouch Big Nasty Line


Big Nasty. The name alone demands attention to the new InTouch Big Nasty line from RIO Products. And as someone whose primary focus is on-the-water performance with less of an emphasis on industry standards and norms, I couldn’t wait to get this line wet.

The RIO InTouch Big Nasty line is designed to cast large, heavy, and even bulky flies. Fly fishing has evolved quickly in recent decades, and both the way we fish and the gear have taken enormous strides in a relatively short amount of time. Whether I’m chucking streamers from a boat or rolling heavy and elaborate nymph rigs across a mix of currents, my style of fishing might raise an eyebrow from traditionalists. The fact is, such practices have become the norm. And while this may not look pretty in a calendar photo, these methods produce results and are fun.

With most of my fishing, I prefer a fast action rod. And with modern fast action rods, line choice can be critical, especially when there’s weight on your leader. To check out the new RIO InTouch Big Nasty line, I used a 9-foot, 6 weight Sage PULSE rod, and I fished with streamers but also a double nymph rig with split shot. While the line isn’t designed for nymphing, I found that the Big Nasty is not only great for streamers, but it handled the nymph rigs masterfully, and I was thrilled with line control. This might even be a go-to nymphing line for me now.

The Big Nasty line is loaded in the front with a short taper that makes it powerful. The front body and front taper collectively make up 10 feet of the 40-foot head. For fast rods and big flies, this is a perfect set up.

The Big Nasty comes in weight forward floating lines from 6-10 weight. The line is moss/orange in color and retails for $89.95.

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– Tim Harden

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