Fly Fishing Gear Review: The Allen Atlas Reel


I was in line to get concession stand coffee at ICAST/IFTD in Florida last summer when A.J. from Allen Fly Fishing handed me a soon-to-be-released reel. “I want to try this out,” I exclaimed, as I was immediately attracted to the look and feel of the reel. And this interest didn’t cease, so I was thrilled a month or so later when A.J. gave a call and told me he had a new Allen Atlas to check out.

The Atlas Series is from Allen is in fact a great looking reel. And beyond looks, the Atlas performs on the water. I paired the Model II with a 9-foot 5 weight rod, and the pairing was perfect. This reel balances well with this rod, and the drag system is ideal for trout fishing. Of course, this model can be used for a range of species, but for trout, there are times when the demands are higher. For example, 6x tippets need to be protected and inferior drag systems can often cost you fish. The startup on the Atlas is perfect, and the smooth drag makes subtle but clear adjustments with an audible adjustment click that allows for precise settings. And at the highest setting, this reel is impressively strong. In addition, the Allen Atlas features a U-shaped large arbor that is designed to cut down on line memory and rapidly pick up line. This can be key.

The Allen Atlas is available in three models with three color options. These models accommodate recommendations of 5 to 11 weight lines. The Allen Atlas is available for $329 to $349, depending on model.

To learn more about the Atlas Series of reels from Allen, please click here.

Disclosure: Allen is in a professional relationship with the Venturing Angler. Though potentially benefiting from this relationship, we do not post what we do not believe to be true. To read more, click here.

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