Review: The Drake from Arcade Belts


Admittedly, I was a little perplexed at first when I received the Drake belt from Arcade Belts in the mail. After all, aren’t wading belts an after thought and perhaps one of the least considered pieces of gear? As it turns out, there’s been room for growth when it comes to wading belts, and Arcade Belts has created something unique with the Drake.

The Drake is a wading belt that also doubles as a casual attire piece. As a wading belt, the Drake is low profile, soft, and comfortable. It has a good amount of stretch, thereby allowing a snug fit while not being restrictive when maneuvering on trails, on rocks, or even tying your wading boots. As someone with an artificial hip (in his 30s), I now take advantage of every opportunity to cut out restrictions that inhibit range of motion. That said, this belt is simply more comfortable day in and day out.

The Drake also works as a casual belt. Again, the stretch makes it very comfortable. As many of us know, a belt that is snug is often too tight when sitting. Even denim companies now are making stretch waists. Arcade Belts is recognizing the direction belts are heading and are making something delightful to wear.

In addition to other features, such as a non slip buckle (so that the belt doesn’t adjust itself during the day), the Drake has a small felt patch for keeping flies and can even be reversed to reveal a ruler for measuring fish. If not wanting to use for practical purposes, the ruler is a fun way to show the world where your heart is! Finally, the belt is also water repellent. This was the first question I asked when feeling the soft, stretchy material that makes up the belt.

After checking out the Drake belt, I can no longer say that wading belts are an after thought. In fact, it wasn’t ago long ago that trout angler didn’t put much value in a reel. Then the gear got nicer, and everything changed. Arcade may have created a game changer.

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– Tim Harden

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