Film: Fly Fishing the Flats for Barracuda in WaterWolf from C1 Films

Waterwolf C1Films

C1 Films makes outstanding fly fishing films, as we’ve previously noted. Now C1 Films is back with a new film — WaterWolf. In the film, anglers take on barracuda on the fly (a very cool specie we believe doesn’t get enough love).

C1 Films is offering the film for free … or for a donation, depending on your preference.

From C1 Films:

“In making this video, we incurred expenses and used our own time. We weren’t tied to the will of corporate sponsors, so we were able to use what we wanted and fish with the guides we paid for. The guides were paid full rate plus tip for their services, as any good guide should be. The equipment we used was used for no reason other than we wanted to use it. No logos were shot on purpose, and no corporate entity forced us to sit down at a dinner table and discuss the “wow” factor of day as it happened. So we are asking you, people of the inter-world, to decide what this thing is worth. If you liked it and want to pay for it, feel free. How much you want to pay is up to you. We’re working on the next video now.”

To check out WaterWolf, please click here.

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