Fly Fishing Gear Review: The Simms Waypoints Sling Pack

Simms Waypoints Sling Pack

For anglers looking for comfort as well as solutions to a range of on-the-water pack or vest problems, the Simms Waypoints Sling Pack is a creative solution.

So what are these problems? While there are anglers who still favor vests, others greatly dislike what is regarded as clutter on the chest. In addition, while many vests are now ventilated, for some, they can often still feel like wearing another shirt on hot days and also feel imbalanced and uncomfortable with bulkier items like cameras or water bottles. For those who prefer a pack, often packs remain bulky in the front and parts of the pack tend to catch loose line (at the worst times, of course).

Increasingly, anglers are finding slings to be the best alternative. And for such anglers, the Simms Waypoints Sling Pack should certainly be on the radar.

The very first thing noticed when reviewing the Simms Waypoints Sling Pack (Large) is that it is light. As the plan for a pack is generally to fill it, this is a great starting point. This sling is not only light in hand, but it also feels impressively light when wearing it. The Simms Waypoints Sling Pack is designed to be balanced and consequently doesn’t pull on the shoulder. Such shoulder pull is a common problem with poorly-designed slings. And after a long day, and especially a multi-day trip, one can be left aching if their sling doesn’t wear well or has an uncomfortable strap.

Another common problem with slings is that they can swing around when you are maneuvering around the water or terrain. You might climb, reach, or bend for something, and your sling swings from your back to the front. Frustrating. The Simms Waypoints Sling Pack also has a side strap to keep everything in place. Smart.

Another common design deficiency is a lack of compartments or sections in a sling. Many designs from a number of companies allow everything to just be a free for all in one main compartment. Of course, this makes finding things more difficult than it needs to be. The Waypoints Sling Pack has four zippered compartments and numerous dividers in two of those compartments. Fly anglers like to be organized, and this design allows for a tremendous amount of organization.

And with respect to these compartments, the designers at Simms are masters at imagining every possible need an angler might have on the water. One section folds down into a perfectly-sized work bench, and items such as a “tippet tender” and a floatant holder can be readily available or even moved and stuck to the front of the pack. Pockets within various sections of the pack are designed to fit fly fishing accessories and elastic pockets keep these items in place.

Simms Waypoints Sling Pack

And in what might seem like a trivial detail, this pack has U-shaped zippers that actually do make it easier to zip and unzip this pack. This is a surprising feature that anglers will enjoy getting used to.

Finally, the Simms Waypoints Sling Pack has a mesh back that allows for breathability, especially on hot days. And in the ventilated center has two padded sections for added comfort.

The Simms Waypoints Sling Pack is impressively designed and will attract many anglers. This pack retails for $129.95 and comes in several color options.

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