Fly Rod Review: The Fenwick World Class

Fenwick World Class

Years ago I was guiding on a private ranch when at the end of the day, the property owner came down to the clubhouse with a bottle of wine. “Ten bucks,” he remarked. “… Anyone can find an expensive bottle of wine and buy it. That’s not what’s fun. What’s fun is doing the work to find a fine bottle of wine without the price tag.” Not much of a wine drinker, these comments mostly fell from my memory … until fishing the Fenwick World Class rod.

The Fenwick World Class is that fine bottle of wine. Over the course of a couple of days fly fishing the greater Yosemite area with friend, Rick Mazaira, I could not put this rod down. In fact, I’d even intended to spend some time with other rods from different companies to get a taste for those while on the water. In every instance, I went back to the World Class. Despite being half (or more) of the price of the rest of the quiver we had with us, the World Class had my constant attention and affection.

The Fenwick World Class is a fast action rod with a light feel that is perfect for fishing a range of conditions and waters for trout. I especially found the rod suited for nymphing in tight quarters. The rod allowed for line control with ease and turned over messy nymph rigs masterfully, aiding me with getting (or at least attempting) perfect drifts. After all, this is what we want as trout anglers.

The World Class is offered for line weights 3 through 12 and in lengths ranging from 7’6″ to 10″. For price, the World Class starts at $299.95 and peaks at $349.95 for the 12-weight model. A great rod with a great price.

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– Tim Harden


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  1. World Class 9′ 8 WT
    I just received my 9ft 8 weight in the mail. Exceptional rod tube and sleeve – both marked with logos and “9′ #8” inscriptions. The rod is made w/Powerlux 500 tech by 3M. Google it. Couldn’t wait to see what this bad boy could do. Got the kit together and stepped out into the yard (I live on little over an acre). Very windy, but the trees nearby gave some relief. Had a 9ft leader and a bit of pipe cleaner attached for a fly. First impression is how light the rod is. Very. Then a few false casts and immediately feel the power. I’m a novice, but within five minutes was laying out 75-80 ft with about half the effort of my TFO BVK. Ok, that’s a bit exaggerated, but I want to make the point: this rod has serious “legs.” Awesome. I put it down for awhile, thinking how radically different it was from my expectations. Stepped into it again as the sun was setting. Wind still blowing 15-20. Didn’t matter. Two to three false casts, w/hauling, and out to 75-80. Got to throw in a cliche here…BAM! I don’t own many rods. Have I “tried” Loomis, Sage, Scott, Orvis? – Yes. This rod will compare all day long to a Helios, The X, NRX or … Scott Meridian. Yep, I just said that. And…wait for it…the rod was $319.00/free shipping.

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