The Venturing Angler Podcast: Researching Species and Best Angling Practices with Dr. Andy Danylchuk

The Venturing Angler Podcast

In the latest episode of The Venturing Angler Podcast, Tim Harden sits down with Dr. Andy Danylchuk – a scientist and angler who is researching the species and destinations we all love. In the conversation, Andy touches on a range of subjects, from studying specific species such as golden dorado, bonefish, and giant trevally, to concerns about proposed regulations on fishing in the Bahamas.

Andy is involved in many efforts and is notably a Patagonia Ambassador, and he recently contributed to The Cleanest Line on the fundamentals of fish and responsible angling.

To check out the podcast, please click below or download our podcast on iTunes:

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  1. Tim is my hero! I wish he could be my brother in law or something. He is an amazing fisherman who has endless amounts to teach to us mere mortals.


  1. Venturing Angler Podcast with Andy Danylchuk | Tim Harden Fly

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